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Unesco site Lagazzi of Piadena

The Lagazzi di Piadena Natural Monument, established in 2002 to safeguard the area of significant interest concerning geomorphology, landscape and nature, coincides with an evident and well-preserved area of an ancient river bed, now crossed by a draining ditch called Lagazzo, delimited by morphological escarpments clearly excavated in the basic level of the plain. In the central-northern part of the riverbed there is a small hydric wood, with a self-guided tour along its edge, with permanent special signs, which help the visitor to understand the features of this area. The countryside surrounding the natural monument is dotted with farms and small centres, like the settlement of San Lorenzo Guazzone, easily identifiable in this wide stretch of plain still deeply tied to agriculture. In addition to being of significant interest, in terms of geomorphology, landscape and nature, this area is also an important archaeological site. In fact, dwelling settlements from the Bronze Age have been discovered in the southern sector of the natural monument, which have yielded a number of objects, now on exhibit in the Archaeological Museum of Piadena. In 2011 the area was registered as part of the serial site "Prehistoric Pile Dwellings around the Alps" in the UNESCO World Heritage list. source: http://www.comune.piadena.cr.it/