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Sabbioneta, the ideal city

Sabbioneta, in terms of architecture and urban planning, is the real gem of this area, the "ideal city" of the Renaissance, built and designed according to humanistic principles. The Duke Vespasiano Gonzaga was inspired by these ideals when, in the second half of the sixteenth century, he completely reconstructed the old town, transforming it into a Renaissance court par excellence, which is still admirable today in all its glory. Entirely walled, the citadel revolves around two main centres: Piazza Ducale, hub of public activity, and Piazza d’Armi, set aside for the Duke’s private life. The beautiful Piazza Ducale is overlooked by the rusticated arched loggia of Palazzo Ducale (1568-1577) and the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, with its single nave and ovoid dome. Not far away are the Museum of Sacred Art and the Church of Our Lady Crowned, a splendid octagonal temple adorned with illusionistic paintings which form the backdrop to the solemn tomb of Vespasiano. In 2008 Sabbioneta was listed, together with Mantua, as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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