OP - Viaggiare nell’Oglio Po
   |    Local action group Oglio Po water lands


The splendour of the square, surrounded by towering porches interspersed with architectural works of importance, demonstrates the will to make the town a symbol representing the power of the Gonzagas. The square, surrounded by arcades, now houses the Town Hall, consisting of magnificent towers, and the Archpriest Church of the Seven Brothers, Martyrs, a work already existing in the fourteenth century and significant for the three large windows on the façade. From the river bank, you can enjoy the view of the ancient fortress, whose stables still remain visible today. Nature trails wind through the long "Via Alzaia" that once accompanied the Po in its navigable stretch as far as Venice, and in the protected area the "Garzaia", a site of special natural interest, and a destination for school groups and visitors in search of contact with nature.