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unesco and villages
  UNESCO and Villages

Oglio Po has achieved several awards: first of all, UNESCO lists Sabbioneta as a World Heritage Site. Several locations also rank as the most beautiful Villages in Italy: Castelponzone in the municipality of Scandolara Ravara, Pomponesco and Sabbioneta. Your trip may also start from here, and continue following in the passions that every visitor can have for good food, local products, nature and history.

village of castelponzone
Borgo di Castelponzone
Built to form an important bulwark in the Sforza defences near the Po, the village of Castelponzone... Leggi

The splendour of the square, surrounded by towering porches interspersed with architectural works... Leggi

Sabbioneta, the ideal city
Sabbioneta, in terms of architecture and urban planning, is the real gem of this area, the... Leggi

Unesco site Lagazzi of Piadena
Unesco site Lagazzi of Piadena
The Lagazzi di Piadena Natural Monument, established in 2002 to safeguard the area of significant... Leggi