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Bordered on the north by the Postumia (a Roman consular road, linking Genoa and Aquileia) and to the south by the ancient riverbed of the Po, Sospiro still preserves traces of Roman land division (into “centuries”). An imperial possession since the ninth century, Sospiro grew in later centuries under the power of the Bishop of Cremona. The Middle Ages have left numerous important buildings: the bell tower of 1261, the church of San Siro, the church of San Sisto in San Salvatore and the church of Saint John. Villa Cattaneo, a neoclassical patrician villa, dates from the late seventeenth century, and is now the headquarters of the Sospiro Foundation.

Piazza Libertà, 12
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    Where to eat and where to sleep
  • Agriturismo Le Ghiande
    Address: Località Tidolo, Via Canove, 1

    Tel.: +39 0372 623012

    Web site: www.italbusviaggi.com/LeGhiande.htm

  • Ristorane Pizzeria Cigno
    Address: Longardore di Sospiro, via Giuseppina, 36

    Tel.: +39 0372 623534 

  • Ristorante Bicocca
    Address: Via Postumia, 2

    Tel.: +39 0372 623234

  • Trattoria Il Gioiello
    Address: Via Giuseppina, 72

    Tel.: +39 0372 623461 

  • Trattoria Landolfi
    Address: Via Garibaldi, 16

    Tel.: +39 0372 623309

  • Trattoria Palazzina
    Address: Località S.Salvatore, Via Giuseppina, 160

    Tel.: +39 0372 623380