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In the heart of the town looms the solemn mass of the Archpriest Church of Santa Maria Assunta, revisited in rococo style by Marco Bianco between 1748 and 1754. A few steps away is the seat of the Archaeological Museum, housed within the premises of the former Gerolimini convent, highlighted by its airy, seventeenth-century cloister. The museum exhibition includes historical finds from the site and material from excavations of Bedriacum, enabling experts to reconstruct the evolution of human settlements in the area, from prehistoric times until the period of the barbarian invasions. In this regard we should note the "Natural Monument" by Lagazzi, a pilework lake-dwelling site dating back to the Bronze Age, recently classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Piazza Garibaldi, 3
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    Where to eat and where to sleep
  • Trattoria La Corte

    Address: Fraz. San Paolo Ripa d'Oglio, Via Maggiore, 6

    Tel. +39 0375 389920

  • Agriturismo Riviera Oglio
    Address: Località San Paolo in Ripa d'Oglio, Via Maggiore, 6

    Tel.: +39 0375 380282 

    Mob.: +39 338 9866867

    Web site: www.rivieraoglio.com


  • Bar Gelateria Centrale
    Address:  Via Della Libertà, 2

    Tel.: +39 0375 98156


  • Ristorante Pizzeria La Terrazza

    Address: Via Orlandi, 5c 

    Tel. +39 0375 980810

  • Ristorante Satén

    Address: Via Mentana, 3

    Tel. +39 0375 036862

  • Trattoria dell'Alba
    Address: Via del Popolo, 31

    Tel.: +39 0375 98539

    Web site: www.trattoriadellalba.com