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Mariana Mantovana

Legend has it that Mariana Mantovana took its name from Caio Mario, in honour of his victory over the Cimbri, between Verona and Mantua. Even if traces of Mario have not been found, the territory of Mariana Mantovana is probably among those distributed to the legionnaires during the land division of the Mantuan plain, in favour of the Roman veterans, during the first century before the era of the communes. Also a border commune, it was divided by the Sforzas: Rocca di Mariana Mantovana, with part of the district, remained with the Gonzagas, while the rest went to the Republic of San Marco. This is when the adjective Mantovana was added to the place name, to distinguish it from the portion taken by the Venetians. A small town, rich in history.

Piazza Castello 3
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  • I piaceri del gusto - Bar di Milanesi Cinzia
    Address: Mariana Mantovana, Via Ventura, 2