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Gabbioneta Binanuova

Some historians attribute Roman origins to Gabbioneta. In the Middle Ages Gabbioneta Binanuova had its own castle, as in many communes of the Oglio valley (a border area, with battles and struggles for the possession of the river banks). Even the name Binanuova links to the river Oglio: "bina" is the term that indicated a dam made of tree trunks, like a lock that diverted water from the river and supply the mills. Gabbioneta has two churches: the parish church, dedicated to St. Ambrose, built in "provostship" in 1677, and an oratory dedicated to the Blessed Virgin of Caravaggio of seventeenth century origin. Binanuova now has two churches: the parish church dedicated to Saint Martin of Tours and St. Nicholas and the chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Patronage, but better known as "the church of San Rocco." The municipality has an area of important natural interest: the oxbow of Gabbioneta (Sites of Community Importance-Special Protection Zones).

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