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Malongola Sanctuary

The Sanctuary of Malongola, set in the small hamlet of Fontanella, is one of the eleven jubilee churches of the province of Mantua, dedicated to Marian devotion. The oldest part of the sanctuary, the current Apse, was built around 1200, where a painting on wood depicting the Madonna and child was placed, of clear Byzantine origin, which according to legend was returned by the waters of the river. Used as a Lazaretto during the tragic Plague mentioned in Manzoni, the sanctuary is now completely restored, and exhibits paintings in all their splendour which decorate its walls. Visitors can admire sixteenth century frescoes. among which is a Madonna Enthroned, holding the Child on her knees, the Nativity with St. Joseph and Mary both kneeling as a sign of devotion and a depiction of the deposition and Christ on the Cross. The apse is full of paintings dated 1392 of rare artistic beauty, with a Madonna Enthroned, Saints and a Glorious Christ of Byzantine inspiration.