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Pacifico Inzoli 1979 op. 20

The organ in the Parish Church of the Holy Spirit in Buzzoletto di Viadana (Mantua) was built by "Pacific Inzoli" in the year 1879 as evidenced by the author’s plaque, inscriptions on the instrument, List of Works of Pacific Inzoli and Documents of the Parish Archives. The organ already existed in the previous church: the pastoral visit in 1672 cites the instrument, "with twelve registers" but the author is not mentioned. Between 1761 and 1781 a new instrument was built, placed in the counter-façade, which was no longer playable in 1803. In 1808 the organ was restored by Antonio del Palidano. In 1842 it was rebuilt by "Lorenzo Sala" (with 1200 pipes and 4 bellows). Several decades after the old church was demolished; the old organ was dismantled, partly stored and it subsequently went missing. In the pastoral visit of 1877 the new church is mentioned and the report highlights the lack of the organ. The successes that Pacifico Inzoli was achieving a little further away in those years (Viadana and Cremona Cathedral) meant that the parish priest, Don Alessandro Corbari (brother of Maestro Giulio Corbari, friend of Inzoli and tester of various organs built by the same) approached the organ builder of Crema for the construction of the new instrument. In 1879 Pacifico Inzoli of Crema finally built the present organ. The instrument subsequently underwent undocumented work (where some registers and stops were removed) and was used for the accompaniment of the liturgy until the 1980s. Source: Federico Lorenzani "Pacifico Inzoli between the organ of Buzzoletto and activity in Mantua" - Series of organ building - II, "Giuseppe Serassi" Association - Guastalla, 2011. Image Courtesy of the Viadana Historical Society.