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Pacifico Inzoli Buzzoletto
  Antique church organs

This area, with its agricultural vocation, has an extraordinary collection of historic organs of excellent quality. Almost every parish has one, even those considered as minor. These instruments - of great importance in the religious sphere to convey music, its suggestions and promote votive tension - demonstrate the considerable investment of resources that local communities and religious bodies allocated to such works. To give an idea of the spread and the quality of these instruments, a non-exhaustive list of the most significant will suffice, in each case adding the organ builder, year of construction and year of restoration for each parish concerned. For the area of Mantua: Breda Cisoni Sabbioneta - Cavalletti 1769/1828; Sabbioneta - Lingiardi 1851; Acquanegra sul Chiese - Montesanti 1813 and Asola - Serassi, 1825. For the Cremona area: Rivarolo del Re - Rotelli 1907; Derovere - Bossi, 1840; Vho di Piadena - Rotelli, 1905; Ca 'de' Stefani di Vescovato - Bossi 1856; Gabbioneta - Amati, 1860; Casalmaggiore - Bossi 1862; Vicobellignano di Casalmaggiore - Rotelli-Varesi 1945 and Torre de’ Picenardi - Franceschini 1855. To highlight the most valuable: the Serassi of 1825 in the parish of Asola, the Antegnati of Acquanegra sul Chiese, the many Lingiardi present in Bozzolo, Cavallara and Cicognara di Viadana, Commessaggio, Dosolo, Sabbioneta and Rivarolo Mantovano, or the Inzoli of Buzzoletto di Viadana, Canneto sull'Oglio and Viadana, or even the Amati of Fontanella Grazioli, Ostiano, Volongo and again Viadana, where five sacred buildings have been the proud custodians of valuable instruments since the seventeenth century. Image Courtesy of the Viadana Historical Society 

Viadana - Buzzoletto Pacifico Inzoli
Pacifico Inzoli 1979 op. 20
The organ in the Parish Church of the Holy Spirit in Buzzoletto di Viadana (Mantua) was built by... Leggi