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Religious tourism
  Religious tourism

Oglio Po is the land where Christian tradition is intertwined with traces of the Jewish communities that flourished in the days of the Gonzagas. From churches just outside the small villages, with frescoes of the fifteenth century or medieval mosaics, where Vespasiano Gonzaga and Parmigianino lie; or surprising synagogues as in Sabbioneta and Viadana.

Parish of Saint Lucia
Saint Lucy Parish Church
The parish church of St. Lucy, built in 1550, stands on the site of an earlier church. The... Leggi

San Martino dall'Argine - Church of the Friars
Church of the Friars
The Church of the Friars, in exposed brick, was built in the era before the construction of the... Leggi

Dosolo - Parish Church of SS. Gervasio and Protasio
Parish Church of Saints Gervasius and Protasius
The grandeur of the parish church of Saints Gervasius and Protasius, with its beautiful clay brick... Leggi

Viadana - Buzzoletto Pacifico Inzoli
Pacifico Inzoli 1979 op. 20
The organ in the Parish Church of the Holy Spirit in Buzzoletto di Viadana (Mantua) was built by... Leggi

The Synagogue of Sabbioneta
The building encompassing the synagogue integrates seamlessly with the character of the city. It... Leggi

Synagogue and Jewish cemetery in Bozzolo
Synagogue and Jewish cemetery in Bozzolo
A small Jewish cemetery can be visited, outside the walls in Bozzolo, which contains 26 headstones,... Leggi

The Synagogue of Rivarolo Mantovano
This place of prayer, now abandoned but still in good condition, is located in the Piazza Giuseppe... Leggi