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The Oasi "Le Bine"

Le Bine is situated between Calvatone and Acquanegra sul Chiese and was formed following a deviation of the course of the river Oglio (in the second half of the eighteenth century), which proved necessary in order to enable navigation to take place on the river. The area is horse-shoe shaped and covers approximately 144 hectares. It has been a refuge and safe haven for many animals, while the Po valley has undergone profound changes over the years which have severely damaged the wetlands. The busiest and thus best time to observe and appreciate the local flora and fauna is spring, but the WWF oasis is open all year round and also has a holiday farm where it is possible to book rooms. In the swamp, which is the heart of the oasis, lives one of Europe’s rarest amphibians: the Lataste Frog, which also doubles as the mascot of the reserve. This rare species is reddish brown at the bottom of its livery, with two prominent dark stripes that reach from

its nostrils over to the eye, and cover the eardrum. In late winter nights, the males make themselves heard with their distinctive call, which is similar to a high-pitched wail. This little amphibian is now facing extinction. Only the protected natural environment in which it is able to live guarantees its existence. In addition to the Lastate Frog, the WWF oasis is home to more than 800 reported species of animals: amongst them many birds (herons, mallards, teals cormorants, bitterns, nightingales, warblers, reed warblers, hawks), insects (such as the 3 cm small water beetle known as Ditiscus Mutinensis that is very common in the Po valley), small mammals (mice, shrews, water shrews, crocidures, dormice, moles), and even foxes and the Meles Meles badgers (small mammals that have now become very rare in the plains).