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The nature reserve of the Bogs of Marcaria: the herons reserve

The bogs of Marcaria, a small wetland which is also a valuable natural habitat, are located on an old river-bed of the Oglio. Nowadays the river is flowing along another nearby bed. This wetland provides the perfect soil for a rich vegetation of reeds and marshland. The bogs are characterized by an accumulation of plant residues which cannot complete their decomposition due to the lack of oxygen in the soil, giving the ground its characteristic dark colour and creating deposits which are anywhere from 3 to 6 metres deep. In the past, these deposits were exploited for the extraction of peat, which was used as fuel. Today, the natural reserve of the bogs of Marcaria is renowned among bird watchers: the reeds and vegetation of the banks provide the ideal environmental conditions for several species of waterfowl to rest, feed and reproduce. There are a small tower and a shed for bird observation in this small reserve, popular with birdwatchers and photographers. This is a famous spot from which to observe an extremely rich birdlife, both while nesting and during their migrations. The presence of about 500 pairs of herons has given the reserve the name of the “herons reserve”.