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Oasis and reserves
  Sanctuaries and reserves

Oglio Po is rich in sanctuaries and nature reserves. Lovers of the environment and nature can enjoy places where the flora and fauna of the Po Valley are safe in protected habitats to be visited with respect and caution. The Ecological Oasis Le Margonare (within the peat bogs of Belforte di Gazzuolo), the WWF Oasis Le Bine (between Calvatone and Acquanegra sul Chiese); the Marcaria Bogland Nature Reserve (the Heron reserve) and the Garzaia di Pomponesco WWF Oasis. A land of water that offers authentic landscapes, with opportunities for bird watching and hiking.

Le Margonare
Also noteworthy within the area of Belforte peat bogs is the ecological conservation area “Le... Leggi

The nature reserve of the Bogs of Marcaria: the herons reserve
The bogs of Marcaria, a small wetland which is also a valuable natural habitat, are located on an... Leggi

The Oasi "Le Bine"
Le Bine is situated between Calvatone and Acquanegra sul Chiese and was formed following a... Leggi

The Reserve Garzaia of Pomponesco
The Garzaia of Pomponesco is a protected natural reserve. Located in the bed of the Po River and... Leggi