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South Oglio Park

Along the river Oglio from Ostiano to its confluence with the Po, the main natural areas of interest are within the South Oglio Park. The South Oglio Park (Parco Oglio Sud) runs along the whole length of the river Oglio, with a variable length that goes from a few meters to more than three kilometers.The River Oglio starts as an affluent of River Mella, close to the border with North Oglio Park in the city of Ostiano (CR), and ends flowing into the river Po at the end of a 70-kilometer path through the province of Cremona and Mantua, often marking their administrative border. The mainly agricultural landscape is characterized by cultivated fields interrupted by a dense water supply network, often marked with shrub rows. Holm areas differentiate themselves with dense groups of poplars and white willows, which are often so extended to constitute real woods. The riverbed follows a sinuous course with clear meanders and steep banks, where extended sandy beaches emerge every summer. (Ottavia Mapelli)