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Oxbow of Runate and Gerre Gavazzi

The oxbows of Runate and Gerra Gavazzi, located on the left bank of the river Oglio, were dug by the river in the alluvial deposits in glacial periods, during floods not contained at the time by the river banks. The meanders of Runate and Gerra Gavazzi have remained isolated from the river, abandoning its course, not as a result of a natural event (meander jump), but through a correction made in the late eighteenth century, as it also was for the Oasi Le Bine. The Lanca di Runate is presented as a wet area in the shape of a semicircle, characterized by the more or less continuous presence of water. The vegetation consists mainly of reeds and sedges. Small groups of grey willow, white willow and alder grow in areas freed from the water and woods of black locust and ailanthus, instead exotic species of weed occupy the arid and sandy escarpments.