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  Parks and Nature

Oglio Po and nature: nature reserves, wildlife sanctuaries, the suggestion of the wetlands of the Po Valley, the WWF sanctuaries, the riverside floodplains and peat bogs and the tunnels of ancient elm trees. Perfect places for lovers of wonderful and rare wildlife like the Savi’s Warbler, the Ardeidae (heron family) and bird-watching.

North Oglio Park
Following the river Oglio, from Corte de’ Frati and Gabbioneta Binanuova, for a short stretch... Leggi

South Oglio Park
Along the river Oglio from Ostiano to its confluence with the Po, the main natural areas of... Leggi

Golena of Po local park
Golena of Po local Park, in the municipalities of Casalmaggiore and Martignana Po, is dotted by... Leggi

The Oasi "Le Bine"
Le Bine is situated between Calvatone and Acquanegra sul Chiese and was formed following a... Leggi

The nature reserve of the Bogs of Marcaria: the herons reserve
The bogs of Marcaria, a small wetland which is also a valuable natural habitat, are located on an... Leggi

Le Margonare
Also noteworthy within the area of Belforte peat bogs is the ecological conservation area “Le... Leggi

 Oxbow of Runate and Gerre Gavazzi
Oxbow of Runate and Gerre Gavazzi
The oxbows of Runate and Gerra Gavazzi, located on the left bank of the river Oglio, were dug by... Leggi

The Bogina Canal
An ideal destination for a getaway from the city, the Bogina canal comprises the final stretch of... Leggi

Oasi LIPU Lancone of Gussola
Amongst the species to nest here are the mallard, the coot and the moorhen as well as the Purple... Leggi