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The Castiglioni

The family Castiglione (or Castiglioni) is an ancient noble Lombard family.
A branch of the family settled in Mantua in the fifteenth century.
Founder of this line was Francesco (Francescolo) Castiglione (XIV century, son of Christopher (? -1334) And Barbara Birago.
The Gonzaga concedettero the Castiglioni family lands Casatico of Marcaria in 1415, where stands the Castiglioni Court, a country estate century that still belongs to the family Castiglioni.
Among Castiglioni, the most famous being Baldassare Castiglione, author of "The Courtier": the most brilliant scholars and diplomats of Renaissance, was linked by a deep friendship with Raphael. Renowned the painting that made his friend Raphael Baldassarre (the work is now in the Louvre). The pupil of Raphael, Giulio Romans, was the author Baldassarre for the funeral chapel at the Shrine of Grace which is located just outside Mantova.