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Pumpkin ravioli

Along with its artwork treasures, Mantua is able to offer its guests equally precious gems in terms of food and wine. One of these is the squash ravioli, the oldest and traditional dish of the Mantua Province and the Casalese zone. It is always served at the tables of all the Mantua families during Christmas Eve festivities, and is a delicious first course.  The filling of the tortelli consists of one of the most typical products of Mantua soil: the pumpkin. Recipe for the filling: 1 kg of Mantua pumpkin, 160 g of amaretti or Italian almond biscuits, 160 g of Mantua apple-mustard, 180 g of grated grana cheese, 80 g of butter, nutmeg, salt and pepper. For the dough: 600 g of common all purpose flour, 6 eggs, and salt. Seasoning: grated grana cheese, and butter. Preparation: Cut the pumpkin open, remove the seeds, cut into pieces and bake at a moderate temperature. Remove from the oven and sieve. Place the puree obtained in a bowl, add the finely chopped amaretti, the chopped mustard, 160 g of grana cheese, salt and pepper. Mix the compound until you achieve a rather dry filling. With the flour, a pinch of salt and eggs prepare the puff pastry dough. Roll out in sheets and cut in rectangles of about 8 cm x 4 cm; distribute a teaspoon of filling on the pastry rectangle and fold the edges carefully to close; cook in abundant salted water, or better still, in meat broth (also stock cube) and season in an oven pan. 
Image courtesy of the Federation Road Wines and Tastes of Lombardy