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Filzetta Salami and Salami from Mantua and Cremona

Salami sausages made from thick chunks of pork and then cured and left to mature for a medium to long period. The preparation of filzetta salami uses the part that lies between the loin and the coppa part, which is lean with a few nerve tissues and is coarsely ground; salt and pepper are added and then stuffed into casings cleaned with vinegar and white wine. The maturation takes about 90 days. Filzetta salami is the king of all salami in the provinces of Mantua and Cremona. The seasoning of the salami of Cremona and Mantua include garlic and all the parts of the pig are used. Once the casings are cleaned, the pork is coarsely ground by hand and seasoned with salt, pepper, red or white wine, crushed garlic and, according to some recipes, filtered wine. It is left to "rest" for one day before it is stuffed into the cleaned casings. The salami is cured and matured from 4 to 12 months, depending on the diameter of the salami, in a cool and dark place.
Image courtesy of the Federation Road Wines and Tastes of Lombardy