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  Local products

A few words to invite you to a tasting, because just a simple list says everything: PGI Mantuan melon, PGI Mantuan pear, pumpkin from lower Mantua and Casalasco, agnoli filled pasta in broth, marubini filled pasta in three broths, vanilla cotechino sausage from Cremona, gras pistà pork lard, greppole fried pork fat, thin Filzetta salami and PGI Cremona salami, Grana Padano cheese, Provolone cheese, pickled fruit Mostarda from Cremona, Lambrusco Mantovano DOC wine, crunchy almond nougat, hard or soft torrone (nougat), graffioni (liqueur cherries), sbrisolona tart, ufela puff pastry, filos biscuits and isolini biscuits. The chance to enjoy the very best cuisine of the Po Valley, in a single area.

Filzetta salami and salami Mantova-Cremona
Filzetta Salami and Salami from Mantua and Cremona
Salami sausages made from thick chunks of pork and then cured and left to mature for a medium to... Leggi

Isolini biscuits
The Isolini are particular biscuits mixed with hazelnuts and decorated with apricot jam. The... Leggi

Pickled Fruit Mostarda
Cremona mostarda is composed of pickled fruit immersed in glucose syrup aromatised with mustard.... Leggi

Cremonese Torrone
Nougat is the princely product of the ancient art of pastry in Cremona. The secret of the Cremona... Leggi

Filòs biscuits
The Filòs originally referred to a group of women who, exhausted after a hard day’s... Leggi

Grana Padano DOP
Grana Padano PDO
Created at the beginning of the millennium by the monks of Clairvaux, designated PDO (Protected... Leggi

Gras pistà
Gras Pistà Lard
It is fresh lard mashed with a knife and then seasoned with parsley and garlic, which are typical... Leggi

Lambrusco DOC Wine
A typical wine of the Oglio Po area, the Mantua lambrusco is an intense ruby red wine with marked... Leggi

The Mantua Pear
Mantua Pears
Assigned with the PGI label, the Mantua pear is one of the most important fruits produced in this... Leggi

Ravioli typical of Cremona and its surrounding territories, it is cooked in beef and chicken broth.... Leggi

Melon Casteldidone and Viadana
Melon of Casteldidone and Viadana
A succulent and fragrant fruit, the melon is a PGI product and is one of the most representative... Leggi

Provolone Valpadana
Provolone Valpadana
Sweet or spicy, the Provolone lends itself to imaginative recipes. The result of a long tradition... Leggi

pumkin of lower mantua and casalasco
Pumpkin of lower Mantua and Casalasco
In the Mantua region, the pumpkin of the gourd-bearing vine family found its ideal habitat, and... Leggi

Pumpkin ravioli
Pumpkin ravioli
Along with its artwork treasures, Mantua is able to offer its guests equally precious gems in terms... Leggi

Salamella is a type of pork sausage (lean shoulder, soft fat trimmings of bacon and ham ground),... Leggi

Sbrisolona tart
A tart fought over by Mantua and Cremona, the "Sbrisolona" is produced with a mixture of... Leggi

Ufela Puff Pastry of Calvatone
This pastry is produced only in Calvatone, thanks to a puff pastry that is unique in its genre, so... Leggi

cotechino vanilla
Vanilla cotechino
A type of sausage made with young and lean pork meat eaten cooked. It consists of lean pork, bacon,... Leggi