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Villa Letizia

Villa Longari-Ponzone Brichetto-Moratti also known as Villa Letizia, is a beautiful 18th-century building. The main residential section has a sober façade spread over two floors, with two rows of windows. The upstairs is accessed through a beautiful double staircase with banisters in terracotta and columns. La façade is painted in an apricot orange colour and decorated with a curved cornice. In front of the residential building there is a lovely pergola with vines and a garden with gravel paths. The modular structure of the garden and the network of paths arranged according to an octagon, recall the stylistic characteristics of the classic Italian landscaped garden. The original structure of the villa is contemporary and yet renovations made over time preserve the structure and furnishings of the 19th century. Among the main changes introduced in the 19th century were the restructuring of the vegetation and addition of a tennis court and swimming pool.


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