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Villa Cavalcabò

This villa is cited as the home of the Cavalcabò Marquises, the lords of Viadana at the beginning of the 15th century. Corrado Cavalcabò was appointed by the governing authority of Viadana with a Diploma dated 30 July 1158 by Emperor Fredrick I. One of the first documents that mention the Cavalcabò family regards Corrado’s donation to the Monastery of S. Maria di Chiaravalle of Carretto in 1136. The Viadana lordship was taken from the Cavalcabò by the Gonzaga family towards 1415. Agostino IV Cavalcabò, born in Spineda on 17 August 1716, started the extension works of the home and gave it its actual structure (around 1790), enhancing it at the rear end, delimited by a fence. So-called brolo with fruit trees, pergolas and orchards, it was later transformed into a park (1848).