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Little Villa Diotti

This villa was the summer residence of the painter, Giuseppe Diotti, built over a preexisting building initially owned by the Longari Ponzone family as testified to even today by its proximity with "Villa Maria," erected on the other side of the road just a few metres away. It was probably extensively restructured under his supervision with the extremely linear structure based on a cubic model dominated by the little tower built at a later date (probably at the start of the 20th century). The most charming facade is the one facing the garden, characterised by a loggia of Doric columns and raised above a stairway with convex steps progressively larger as they get closer to the ground.  The frescoed ashlar masonry surfaces with faux windows were recently restored with pure lime pigments according to 19th-century techniques. Close to the attic and marked by wooden shelves, there are frescoed bucraniums redesigned on the traces of preexistent frescoes following the prints of Diotti.