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Castle of San Lorenzo

In terms of size, it is the biggest castle residence of the Cremona area, and probably also of Lombardy. Surrounded by an old circle of external walls originating from the High Medieval Period (9th century) and that have not altered over time, it is protected by a moat which, in moments of peril, must have protected the Villa from outside attacks. The Villa is visible also from a great distance, even if it does not rise on a hill, thanks to its six towers and wide battlements that were a means of shelter for the defenders. On the façade of the immense construction, with the central battlemented tower bearing the stems of the noble house and above the main entrance, one enters through a 150-metre walkway that cuts straight across the front area of the park. An iron and wood bridge (once a drawbridge) connects the central portal where carriages, horses and coaches entered to get to the wide internal courtyard. The portal is flanked to the left by a little door called the “postièrla,” reserved for pedestrians and allowing the entrance of only one person at a time.  (Picture courtesy of the Torre de' Picenardi Tourist Office)