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villa medici
  Villas and Castles

A visit to the lands of Oglio Po is a unique opportunity to relive the triumphs, the rise and fall of the important families who traced its history. The Gonzagas policy was based on the tenacious defence of a balance between neighbouring powers: the Republic of Venice, Milan, Ferrara and the papal possessions. This is why there are numerous castles and fortified palaces. At the same time, the villas are magnificent, with their gardens where the exotic provided an opportunity to convey prestige.

the todeschina
Villa “La Todeschina”
In the Rivarolo del Re region, there are numerous rural villas and courtyard houses, which were... Leggi

castle of san lorenzo
Castle of San Lorenzo
In terms of size, it is the biggest castle residence of the Cremona area, and probably also of... Leggi

ducal palace
Ducal Palace
The Ducal Palace is the oldest building in Sabbioneta, traced to Vespasiano Gonzaga’s... Leggi

Palace Garden
Garden Palace
Palazzo Giardino was built in 1584 and represents the ancient home of the lord, where he loved to... Leggi

Cottage Diotti
Little Villa Diotti
This villa was the summer residence of the painter, Giuseppe Diotti, built over a preexisting... Leggi

villa manfredi
Manfredi Castle
The current status of the castle is the fruit of numerous restructuring works undertaken through... Leggi

palace penci
Penci Palace
The Palace of the 17th century, with the upper floors not completed, towers majestically above the... Leggi

Villa Cavalcabò
Villa Cavalcabò
This villa is cited as the home of the Cavalcabò Marquises, the lords of Viadana at the... Leggi

villa letizia
Villa Letizia
Villa Longari-Ponzone Brichetto-Moratti also known as Villa Letizia, is a beautiful 18th-century... Leggi

Villa Longari Ponzone
Villa Longari Ponzone
It was a villa with a rather unusual “Z” layout, close to the road with a linear... Leggi

Villa Medici del Vascello
In 1407, in the context of the ongoing struggle for territorial supremacy, the Lord of Cremona... Leggi

Villa Mina della Scala
Casteldidone houses the beautiful Villa Mina della Scala, a residence from the late... Leggi

villa pallavicino
Villa Pallavicino Montaldi
Along with the Manfredi castle, Villa Pallavicino Montaldi is another example of the architectonic... Leggi

Villa Sommi Picenardi
Villa Sommi Picenardi in Torre De’ Picenardi was built in the late eighteenth century through... Leggi