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Water Scooping Plant of San Matteo delle Chiaviche

Going upwards along the right bank of the Oglio river, you will encounter the gigantic water scooping plant of San Matteo delle Chiaviche, which is the focal point connecting the banks of the Po River to those of the Oglio river. The complex encloses the former thermoelectric power plant and the sluice building. The grandeur of the plant and its architectonic value, are enhanced by its functionality that creates an interesting sightseeing spot for tourists, illustrating a perfect blend between rural areas, composed of lines and strips of trees and the fluvial landscape interrupted by the water plant complex. The complex hosts the seat of the Ecomuseum Terre d'Acqua amid the Oglio Po confluence, temporarily hosted in the “Social-Cultural Centre "Beltrami" of San Matteo delle Chiaviche following the seismic events. 

via Argine Oglio