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   |    Local action group Oglio Po water lands

The Paleo-Anthropology Museum

The paleo-anthropology museum in San Daniele Po offers a collection full of fascinating prehistoric artefacts from the Po Valley. In addition to numerous fossils of the Ice Age (giant deer, bisons, elks and mammoths) that were found in the river Po, the exhibition offers visitors a rich collection of remains of the Homo sapiens from the Bronze Age. The most valuable piece of the collection is “Pàus”, the fragments of a skull that was discovered in the summer of 2009 along the banks of the river Po, and the first Neanderthal specimen to be found in the Italian plain land. The collection of zoological and human fossils and the local archeological evidence allows an understanding of the ongoing transformations happening since ancient times.A specific room hosts the collection of fossil mammals belonging to the Quaternary period: the exposition focuses on the habitat in which the fossils were discovered, the fluvial ambient of Padania. The Museum performs a didactic function, explaining the chronology of evolution with fossils belonging to different periods and geographic areas (mussels, mammals, and petrified trees) and environmental observation and education workshops.