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Gonzaga Civic Theatre

The nineteenth-century Gonzaga Theatre lies inside the Gonzaga Castle, built in the sixteenth century on the ruins of an earlier defensive structure, whose east tower, the entrance hall and a part of the curtain wall still remain. The oldest document recalling the existence of a room in the castle used as a theatre is dated 1798. It was not, however, until the last century that audiences could admire the theatre in its present form, notwithstanding the restoration work carried out in 1930, thanks to the parish priest Don Pietro Antonio Posio. After construction work was completed, Giulio Matta was summoned to decorate it, busy in those years in the decoration of the Frizzi house, which had recently been completed. The painter, a member of a family of artists specializing in interior decoration, adorned the ceiling with a procession of graceful maidens, alternating with vases filled with flowers, while for the parapets of the loggias he chose: for the upper loggia a continuous frieze interrupted by grotesque masks and on the lower, more elaborate register introduced graceful mythological scenes depicting, with just cause, the Loves of Jupiter.

all’interno del Castello Gonzaga
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