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Casalmaggiore Civic Theatre

Its construction was promoted by a company of twelve wealthy citizens of Casale, who contributed by their action to the enrichment and the prestige of the "city", a title that was given to Casalmaggiore thirty years earlier (1754), by Empress Maria Theresa of Austria. Later the so-called "fastassa" was added to the original structure, a large lounge with small balcony intended, according to tradition, for popular dances: it is now used as an exhibition hall. This is a typical Italian theatre, with a horseshoe design, three tiers of boxes, crowned with a gallery, seating 350 overall. After the splendour of nineteenth century melodramatic passion, and a long period of decline in the mid-twentieth century, after a long renovation period it was reopened to the public in 1989 and since then regularly hosts a major theatre season, as well as numerous other cultural events.

Via Cairoli 53
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