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Museums and theaters
  Museums and Theatres

Alongside a home workshop, a picture of the Documentation Centre of the Oglio Chiese Ecomuseum.

Municipal Theater of Casalmaggiore
Casalmaggiore Civic Theatre
Its construction was promoted by a company of twelve wealthy citizens of Casale, who contributed by... Leggi

Ancient Theatre
Ancient Theatre
A jewel of rare beauty, the first example of a repertory theatre in Europe, the Teatro Antico plays... Leggi

Aquarium of the Po
Aquarium of the Po in Motta Baluffi, is situated in the middle of the flood plain, and snakes... Leggi

Bijou's Museum
Bijou Museum
The museum, established in 1986, documents a glorious period of local industry and handicraft, also... Leggi

Museum Diotti
Diotti Museum
The museum brings together all the Civic art collections, thus ensuring better preservation,... Leggi

Eco-museum Terre d'Acqua between Oglio and Po
A site that beautifully demonstrates human planning and construction across the centuries that... Leggi

Municipal Theater Gonzaga
Gonzaga Civic Theatre
The nineteenth-century Gonzaga Theatre lies inside the Gonzaga Castle, built in the sixteenth... Leggi

Municipal theater Mauro Pagano
Mauro Pagano Civic Theatre
The building of the neoclassical Social Theatre, today the Mauro Pagano Civic Theatre, was erected... Leggi

Mechanical Music Museum and Museum of Natural History
Mechanical Musical Instrument Museum and Museum of Natural History
At the Agriturismo Torretta, a typical closed courtyard farmhouse built at the end of the 1800s, to... Leggi

Museo Civico Archeologico
The town of Piadena houses an important archaeological museum next to the beautiful seventeenth... Leggi

Museum of ancient weapons
Museum of ancient weapons
Housed in an old fortified tower, the museum displays a fascinating collection of ancient weapons,... Leggi

Museum of Ropers
Museum of Ropemakers
Museum dedicated to the ancient craft of making ropes which has now disappeared. The activity was... Leggi

Center for Audiovisual Communication O.Coni
O. Coni Centre for Audiovisual Communication
This is situated in the cultural centre, together with the Giacometti Theatre and the Municipal... Leggi

Museum Ostiano
Ostiano Civic Museum
The Civic Museum, in the town of Ostiano, was set up following the donation, by Mr. Ermanno Bregoli... Leggi

Social Theater
Social Theatre
Built in 1910, the Social Theatre of Villastrada features an elegant façade in neoclassic... Leggi

The Paleo-Anthropology Museum
The paleo-anthropology museum in San Daniele Po offers a collection full of fascinating prehistoric... Leggi