OP - Viaggiare nell’Oglio Po
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  History and Art

Oglio Po is a unique opportunity to visit ancient castles, theatres, squares and villages, museums (from early anthropology to contemporary art, from rural life to the fish of the great river) and wonderful villas ... History and culture reflecting a land which is ancient and true, like water.

palace penci
Penci Palace
The Palace of the 17th century, with the upper floors not completed, towers majestically above the... Leggi

Cottage Diotti
Little Villa Diotti
This villa was the summer residence of the painter, Giuseppe Diotti, built over a preexisting... Leggi

villa pallavicino
Villa Pallavicino Montaldi
Along with the Manfredi castle, Villa Pallavicino Montaldi is another example of the architectonic... Leggi

Court Brunelli Bonetti
Brunelli Bonetti Courtyard
The decorative axis of the façade blends contrasting expressive features: the profile of the... Leggi

Court Farmhouse Stella
Cascina Stella Courtyard
It is a closed courtyard structure with entrance, and dominated from above by a guardhouse tower.... Leggi

The Pontoon Bridges
At Torre d’Oglio, the river can be crossed on a quaint pontoon bridge. This was designed in... Leggi

Museum of ancient weapons
Museum of ancient weapons
Housed in an old fortified tower, the museum displays a fascinating collection of ancient weapons,... Leggi

Ancient Theatre
Ancient Theatre
A jewel of rare beauty, the first example of a repertory theatre in Europe, the Teatro Antico plays... Leggi

Eco-museum Terre d'Acqua between Oglio and Po
A site that beautifully demonstrates human planning and construction across the centuries that... Leggi