OP - Viaggiare nell’Oglio Po
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  History and Art

Oglio Po is a unique opportunity to visit ancient castles, theatres, squares and villages, museums (from early anthropology to contemporary art, from rural life to the fish of the great river) and wonderful villas ... History and culture reflecting a land which is ancient and true, like water.

the todeschina
Villa “La Todeschina”
In the Rivarolo del Re region, there are numerous rural villas and courtyard houses, which were... Leggi

Villa Cavalcabò
Villa Cavalcabò
This villa is cited as the home of the Cavalcabò Marquises, the lords of Viadana at the... Leggi

villa letizia
Villa Letizia
Villa Longari-Ponzone Brichetto-Moratti also known as Villa Letizia, is a beautiful 18th-century... Leggi

“La Silenziosa” Farmstead
The old farmstead, "La Silenziosa," is one of the most important historic testimonial of... Leggi

The Pontoon Bridges
At Torre d’Oglio, the river can be crossed on a quaint pontoon bridge. This was designed in... Leggi

Court Brunelli Bonetti
Brunelli Bonetti Courtyard
The decorative axis of the façade blends contrasting expressive features: the profile of the... Leggi

Center for Audiovisual Communication O.Coni
O. Coni Centre for Audiovisual Communication
This is situated in the cultural centre, together with the Giacometti Theatre and the Municipal... Leggi

Municipal theater Mauro Pagano
Mauro Pagano Civic Theatre
The building of the neoclassical Social Theatre, today the Mauro Pagano Civic Theatre, was erected... Leggi

Social Theater
Social Theatre
Built in 1910, the Social Theatre of Villastrada features an elegant façade in neoclassic... Leggi