OP - Viaggiare nell’Oglio Po
   |    Local action group Oglio Po water lands

The Villages of Postumia Casalasca

The narrow towpaths in this vast, peaceful countryside accompany bicycle or walking treks. The paths along the banks of the Delmona canal are a great place to watch the sunset colours which are unique and singular. From Piadena, a centre in harmony with the environment of the Oglio Sud Park and home to the famous archaeological museum, passing through the country roads in the direction of Cella Dati and Scandolara Ravara we encounter many scattered small towns and farms. Voltido where Villa Decius Furchino and Villa Casalini, Derovere with its sanctuary of Ca' de' Cervi, and Ca 'd'Andrea, home of the Palazzo Pallavicini Offredi are located, offer the visitor glimpses of a rural landscape. These centres are quiet corners where time seems to stand still. Going in the opposite direction, towards the river Oglio you reach Drizzona and Castelfranco d'Oglio, where you can visit the old mill and attend the important popular event on the feast of the patron saint, San Bartolomeo, alongside the meandering river that accompanies the visitor towards the confluence with the Po. 


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