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The villages of Casalasco

The road that starts from San Daniele Po and leads to Gussola along the main embankment, brings us to the characteristic floodplain paths that lead to the great river. Along this route is Pescaroli Island, where one can visit the typical oxbow lakes and bodrii, small round ponds that originate from the floods, which emerge from the countryside interspersed with long rows of trees, disrupting the immense expanse. Along the route are the small villages of Motta Baluffi, from where one can reach the natural reserve of "Le Lanche di Gerole/the oxbow lakes of Gerole," till you get to Torricella del Pizzo, famous for its ancient tower. The stretch of trail along the river reaches Gussola, where one can visit the Lancone Oasis, an old bend of the Po, the only remaining natural ecosystem that once constituted the Po valley. Further inland, in the opposite direction one encounters the small villages of Castelponzone, which immediately conjures its history as a fortress and active centre of commerce; then there is San Martino del Lago, where one can find the ancient church of the Natività della Vergine/Nativity of the Virgin, built in the mid 1400s. In these centres that lead to Motta Baluffi are churches, farmhouses and villas of the ancient lords, immersed in the peace and tranquillity of a landscape that being far from large population centres, has kept the connotation of a typical rural territory between the Oglio and the Po.   


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