OP - Viaggiare nell’Oglio Po
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The Midway Itinerary

We are at the centre of the territory between the Oglio and Po, designed by the patient hand of man who shaped the vast countryside through reclamation. Following the spider web of canals and towpaths we encounter villas and fortifications, evidence of the troubled history of this borderlands. Starting from Spineda, a small rural town and home to the Palazzo Cavalcabò, coasting along the Delmona canal, you reach Rivarolo Mantovano, an ancient village built by Vespasian Gonzaga, and the centre of important historical testimonies such as its ancient walls and towers, and events reminiscent of the Renaissance period. Following the course of Delmona, you reach Casteldidone, where you can visit Villa Mina della Scala, an example of the prudent management of an interesting private artistic legacy. Driving along the old road that connects Casteldidone and San Zavedro, you reach the territory of San Giovanni in Croce, the town of which is dominated by the imposing Villa Medici del Vascello, important evidence of local history, and then continue on in the direction of Solarolo Rainerio, a small town on the Via Giuseppina, commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte. Continuing onwards to Castelponzone, you can reach the villages of Casalasco near the Po, or you can choose to go back to Rivarolo Mantovano, in the direction of Calvatone going towards the paths of the Parco Oglio Sud. 


Itinerary: See route on Ogliopo Maps