OP - Viaggiare nell’Oglio Po
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Itinerary of the Oglio Sud Park

Following the meandering River Oglio flowing slowly toward the confluence with the Po, one crosses patches of wetlands rich in vegetation and aquatic fauna, inserted inside the Park Oglio Sud. Starting from Fontanella, in the commune of Casalromano, home of the famous sanctuary of Malongola, we cross the "Lanche di Runate and Gerre Gavazzi/Oxbow lakes of Runate and Gerre Gavazzi" to reach Canneto, home to a major museum and an ancient fortified tower. Continuing along the path that runs alongside the river, we see a number of areas of particular natural quality populated with flora and fauna typical of the place, among which are the MosioValleys  and the oasis of the WWF "Le Bine" between Acquanegra sul Chiese and Calvatone, the "Marcaria bogs" in the commune of Marcaria and the "Belforte peat bogs" at San Martino dall'Argine. The precious natural environment takes the visitor through the small towns near the river, exploring the historical and cultural heritage, including the magnificent arcades of Gazzuolo Gonzaga and San Martino and the 16th-century entrance door of Bozzolo.  Numerous religious sites, such as the Benedictine Abbey of San Tommaso and the convent of San Pietro in Belforte, and archaeological sites, including the excavation of Bedriacum near Calvatone, flank these sites. The tour ends in Marcaria where you can visit villages with important rural courts like Castiglione a Casatico, or cross in Torre d'Oglio one of the last examples of existing pontoon bridges. From Marcaria, you can finally move towards Mantua, passing through Castellucchio that communicates with the Mincio Park, with a tower that now houses a museum of ancient weapons. 


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