OP - Viaggiare nell’Oglio Po
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From the Confluence of the Oglio into the Po

Approaching the confluence of the Po and Oglio Rivers, along the main embankment is Viadana, an important industrial and agricultural centre, dedicated to the cultivation of typical products of Mantua and home to the famous cultural centre MUVI. Along the way, continuing onward along the major embankment towards the confluence is Pomponesco, where one can visit the quaint old town, or set out into the floodplains to reach the heron reserve, a colony of many wildlife species including night herons and egrets. We continue on to Dosolo, encountering along the way several villages with views of their bell towers, where one can enjoy the village lifestyle and the buildings typical of this countryside.  Through the floodplains one arrives at Torre d'Oglio where the presence of one of the last existing pontoon bridges characterizes the charming river landscape. Continuing on the embankment, on the right bank of the Oglio one reaches the colossal draining centre of San Matteo of Chiaviche, the fulcrum between the banks of the Oglio and the Po. Here, take the embankment that runs along the canals and Bogina Navarolo through a landscape rich in wetlands and marshes. This leads to Commessaggio, linked to the neighbouring territory of Sabbioneta by a small pontoon bridge. Crossing the river one can reach the city of Gonzaga, or return to the river Oglio to enjoy the nature of the Oglio Sud Park. (Itinerary: See route on Ogliopo Maps)

Itinerary: See route on Ogliopo Maps