OP - Viaggiare nell’Oglio Po
   |    Local action group Oglio Po water lands

Eridano Itinerary

From the imposing embankments of the River Po, which draw the boundaries of the Parco della Golena/Floodplains Park, we begin our journey to reach the heart of the territory between the Oglio and the Po, where the lords of the past have shaped the towns and rural courts. The tour begins at the Commune of Martignana Po, the history of which has always been linked to the presence of the great river with its whims and floods, which determined the position of the village. Following the main bank, you reach Casalmaggiore, the communication nerve centre because of its direct connection with the important historical waterways, among which is the Torrione, once the gateway of the town. From here, through the road that runs alongside the Santuario della Fontana and the Santuario della B.V. di Vigoreto, you reach Sabbioneta, a Renaissance jewel, an example of the magnificence of the Gonzaga rulers of Mantua. A small dirt road immerses the visitor in the picturesque cultivated countryside that starts from the area surrounding the cemetery and leads to Rivarolo del Re, from where you can reach Spineda, following the towpath of the Delmona canal, or you can go back to Casalmaggiore and Martignana di Po through the hamlet of Vigoreto. From Casalmaggiore, following the main bank will bring you straight to Viadana. 


Itinerary: See route on Ogliopo Maps