OP - Viaggiare nell’Oglio Po
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Cycle tourism
  Cycle Tourism

Oglio Po is the ideal destination for cycling enthusiasts: 800 km of bike paths to go through the little villages of the plain, past rural courts of true beauty, castles and villas unique in the world. Let yourself be guided by the seven itineraries ready and waiting for you, or make up one of your own: the choice is embarrassing.

From the confluence of Oglio Po
From the Confluence of the Oglio into the Po
Approaching the confluence of the Po and Oglio Rivers, along the main embankment is Viadana, an... Leggi

The towns of Postumia Casalasca
The Villages of Postumia Casalasca
The narrow towpaths in this vast, peaceful countryside accompany bicycle or walking treks. The... Leggi

Itinerary Eridano
Eridano Itinerary
From the imposing embankments of the River Po, which draw the boundaries of the Parco della... Leggi

Path Park South Oglio
Itinerary of the Oglio Sud Park
Following the meandering River Oglio flowing slowly toward the confluence with the Po, one crosses... Leggi

The paths of the middle
The Midway Itinerary
We are at the centre of the territory between the Oglio and Po, designed by the patient hand of man... Leggi

The Oglio Cremonese
The Oglio on the Cremona Side
Coming from the ruins of the Ostiano Castle or the wonderful square of Isola Dovarese, and... Leggi

The villages of Casalasco
The villages of Casalasco
The road that starts from San Daniele Po and leads to Gussola along the main embankment, brings us... Leggi